Saturday, July 12, 2014

Laos Festival 2014 in Yoyogi Park / ラオスフェスin代々木公園2014

A week after the popular and extremely crowded Thai Festival, the following week, the Laos Festival was being held.  As I have memories of my two visits to Laos some years ago, of course I had to go to this.


First things first, when at the Laos Festival, one must buy and drink Beer Lao!!

Yes, Beer Lao makes a dark beer as well (and is available at the Indian/Thai restaurant in myneighborhood).


A couple of my friends went a little early for this festival as well and grabbed a decent spot for eating and drinking.


And on to the food (which wasn't that much different from last week's Thai Festival).


Tom Yam Ramen / トムヤムラーメン
Satay / 串焼き
Okay, these are not Laotian beers, but beers from India.  Always good to have variety!
And so another spring festival under our belt! 

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