Monday, July 14, 2014

Day Trip to Chiba (Part 1) Sawara / 千葉県日帰り旅行 (パート1) 佐原

Yesterday, the wife and I got up early as we were meeting friends in Urayasu at 8:30am!  That would be in Chiba Prefecture, an hour's train ride from our place.  We would be heading out to a place called Sawara to check out the Edo style buildings that are built along the Ono River.  The area is similar to Saitama Prefecture's Koedo Kawagoe, except the buildings are built along the river.  As luck would have it, this weekend Sawara was having their Summer Festival.  So not only did we get to enjoy the old buildings but we got to enjoy enjoy the festival as well.


The first order of business when going to any festivals is having a nice cold beer!


As it was still only 10am, there wasn't a large crowd as yet.  I'm sure there would be more people at night when the floats are lit up.


Ono River / 小野川
This is what I love about festivals / こういうのあるから祭りは好き
As a former bookseller, I couldn't help but like the name of this youmen-ya (pasta restaurant) called Wordsworth.

I love the old Fanta sign.


We will be going on a boat ride later but at a different area.

I love finding figures like this on our walks around unknown neighborhoods.
Cute bench / 可愛いベンチ
Snack time / スナックの時間
Yasaka Jinja where the Festival starts.

It was still before noon, so the next place we decided to go to was Katori Jingu.
また昼前だったので、次の目的地にへ。 場所は香取神宮。

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