Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day Trip to Chiba (Part 2) Katori Jingu / 千葉県日帰り旅行 (パート2) 香取神宮

I became a little busy so didn't have time to  continue to write about my day trip to Chiba.  I decided to give myself a little time this morning to do so.  And so after enjoying the Summer Festival in Sawara, we headed off to Katori Jingu.  But first, we stopped at Michi no Eki (translates to Street Station, they are small service areas).  Unlike the Rest Stops in the U.S., the service areas and michi no eki have restaurants, restroom facilities, food booths, souvenir shops and can be an entertaining visit in itself.

ちょっと忙しくなって、千葉県日帰り旅行のネタが書き続けなかった。今日の朝は時間を作って書き込みたいと思いました。佐原の大祭りを堪能したあと、次の目的地に向かってました ー 香取神宮。そこに行く前に道の駅に寄ってきました。道の駅も楽しいですね。サービスエリアほど大きくないが、いつでも行っても飽きない。

This was displayed at the Michi no Eki.



Gotta take a couple of touristy pictures as well.


Across the river is Ibaraki Prefecture.

Welcoming sign to Katori Jingu.


The torii leading to Katori Jingu.


The path leading to the shrine reminds me of Meiji Jingu.
Torii leading to the first gate - the Soumon Gate.

Soumon Gate / 総門
Temizuya / 手水舎
Sakura Gate / 桜門
Katori Jingu (Hondo) / 香取神宮 (本堂)
Sashi Ishi / さし石
The Sashi Ishi was used in a strength competition.  The rocks were used as weights and young men would compete by being able to raise the rock over their head.

 Sacred Tree / 御神木
Prayer boards / 絵馬
Sakura Otoji Jinja / 桜大刀自神社
Kashima Shingu / 鹿島新宮
Sousa Jinja / 匝瑳神社
Three Cedars / 三本杉
Anchors away!
Kami Ike / 神池
Koi / 鯉
I like turtles! / 亀が好き
 Katori Jingu Temple Seal / 香取神宮御朱印
Katori Jingu was beautiful and after walking around the grounds, it was time to head off to our next destination - Itako 12 Bridge Canal Boat tour.

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Rurousha said...

Ah, they've finished the restorations. When I was there last year, you couldn't see the main shrine at all. :(