Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Walk around Shibamata and Taishakuten (Part 2) / 柴又と帝釈天の散歩 (パート2)

Continuing our walk around Shibamata.  We decided to skip going to the Tora-san as we've been there before and Mikako had no desire to check out the yagari no watashi (Edo style river crossing in a boat).  But we were looking forward to lunch.


Remains of an air raid shelter / 防空壕跡
And now for lunch.  We went to the same soba place as last time - Soba Dokoro [Yabu chu].  Today we both ordered the same dish - the Sakura Set.  This includes an assortment of tempura, hand-made soba, fish, yaki-onigiri, mountain vegetables, konnyaku with miso, and dessert.  I ate the dessert first (uh-oh, I'm becoming like my father!)  Dessert was soba yokan.
さて、昼食の時間です。以前と同じ店に行ってきました。そば処「やぶ忠」。店の人気メニューさくら定食を注文。セットには小鉢、山菜おろし、天ぷらの盛り合わせ、手打ち蕎麦、味噌田楽、とデザート。 最初にデザートを食べました。そばようかんでした。
Soba yokan / そばようかん

What's a walk around Shibamata without munching on some snacks as well.
This is me snacking on a chilled cucumber.  Healthy!
A figure of Tatsuo Umemiya in the dagashiya.  I'm not going to bother telling you who he is.  If you're curious there is always the internet.
Old school video games.  I used to play this quite a bit!
Where else can you play pinball in Japan?
This is so Japan!
How about some golden pooh to take home as a souvenir?
Parade Milk Coffee / パレード ミルクコーヒー

Um, no, I am not going to translate this.  Just a little history on the Parade brand name.
I almost forgot - the temple seal from Taishakuten.
Our take at the dagashiya.
After leaving Shibamata, it was still a little early so we walked around the Tokyo Sky Tree shopping area before heading home.  Another fun day!

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