Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Walk around Enoshima, Hase Temple, and Kotokuin (Part 1) / 江の島、長谷寺、高徳院の散歩 (パート1)

A couple of weeks before walking around Shibamata, Mikako and I went on an all day date to Enoshima in Kanagawa Prefecture.  We left our apartment around 9am in the morning.


An unusual sight in Tokyo, an empty car on a Sunday morning!


We had to take this opportunity for a Kodak moment!

Katase Enoshima Station / 片瀬江ノ島駅
Public Art / アートのオブジェ

Shonan / 湘南

On our way to Enoshima.

Cool Stone Lantern / この灯篭かっこいい

 Heading towards Enoshima on Enoshima Benten Bridge.


Welcome to Enoshima / ようこそ江の島へ
Benzaiten Nakamise Street / 弁財天仲見世通り 
Meiji era post office box / 明治時代の郵便差し出し箱
Enoshima Post Office / 江の島郵便局
 Walking up the steps to Enoshima Jinja.

Dragon detail / 龍もカッコいいね

 Temizuya / 手水舎
Enoshima Jinja Hondo / 江島神社本堂
I love the design of their offerings box.
One of our main reasons for going to Enoshima was to buy a new Temple Seal Book.  Our first one has been filled and we liked the design of the book at Enoshima.

Of course I also received my temple seals from Enoshima Jinja.  Two of them no less.


Enoshima Jinja Temple Seal / 江島神社の御朱印
This one has Benzaiten written on it / こちらの御朱印は弁財天
Enoshima Benzaiten / 江島弁財天
Yes, I like turtles!

Yasaka Jinja / 八坂神社
The island is getting a little more crowded as its nearing noon.
Enoshima Jinja (Nakatsumiya) / 江島神社 (中津宮)
Prayer boards for love / 縁結びの絵馬
Enoshima Yacht Harbor / 江の島ヨットハーバー
Enoshima Sea Candle / 江の島シーキャンドル
Enoshima Taishi / 江の島大師
Seeing these, made us think of lunch.  But still a few more places to explore.
This place looks like one of the locations you would see on a Japanese afternoon suspense movie.
Enoshima Jinja (Okutsumiya) / 江島神社 (奥津宮)
More turtles / また亀だ
Strength Stone / 力石
Turtle Stone / 亀石
Happonirami no Kame / 八方睨みの亀
We then headed to the Iwaya Caves.  All that walking only to discover the caves were closed for renovations.  Then we had to walk back up all the stairs we had just walked down.


And now it was time to go in search of lunch.  Of course we will be drinking Enoshima Beer as well but I will save that for the next post.


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Rurousha said...

Despite numerous visits to Kamakura, I've never been here. Hmm. Time to follow in your footsteps (as I do so often), methinks! :)