Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Walk around Enoshima, Hase Temple, and Kotokuin (Part 2) / 江の島、長谷寺、と高徳院の散歩 (パート2)

Lunch time on Enoshima!


Enoshima-bowl (rice bowl topped with eggs, onions, and lots of shellfish) / 江の島丼
Enoshima Beer / 江の島ビール
Yes, I am enjoying my Enoshima beer!
After lunch, we were heading back to Benzaiten Nakamise Street but not before checking out one more shrine - Kodama Jinja.
Torii that leads to Kodama Jinja / 児玉神社の鳥居

Kodama Jinja / 児玉神社
Snacking on a freshly made rice cracker.  Next stop, Hase Temple near the Great Kamakura Buddha.
Hase Temple is known for its beautiful hydrangea gardens but the day we went, they were still not in full bloom.  A friend of mine went the following week and said it was an hour wait to get in.  But still, there were quite a few flowers that were in bloom so I guess we were lucky we missed the really big crowd.


Fureiai Kannon / ふれ愛観音

The Hase Kannon is located inside this building but pictures are not allowed.
Hase Temple / 長谷寺
Hotei (one of the Seven Gods of Fortune) / 七福神の布袋様
Temple Bell / 寺の鐘
Buddha footprints? / 仏足石

A revolving bookshelf - cool / 回る本棚 ー 面白い
Mikako standing in front of an entrance to the caves at Hase Temple.  Inside the cave are even more Buddha and Kannon figures.

Inside the caves / 洞窟の中
Sanmon Gate / 山門
Hase Temple Seal / 長谷寺の御朱印
Our last destination for today's date - the Great Buddha of Kamakura at Kotokuin.

The picture of this tree is a special treat for my friend Janet who has a long relationship with Thailand.
This may be a little hard to read but the English portion says: Pine tree planted by His Majesty King Prajadhipok (Rama VII) of Siam (now Thailand) on the occasion of His Royal Visit to Kotokuin Temple with Her Majesty Queen Rambhai Barni on 9 April 1931.
Kotokuin Temple Seal / 高徳院の御朱印
We just love snacking on street foods.  This is a croquette made with purple flesh sweet potato.
Yes, it really is purple.
It was hot and we were thirsty so Mikako and I shared a Kamakura Cider.

I also found this Daibutsu beer at the same place where we bought the cider.  But I saved this for later as you can see.
Another snack food we had to try - crispy octopus cracker.  I was quite delicious by the way.  You can find this on Enoshima as well.
The popular Enoshima line which connects Fujisawa to Kamakura (and of course stops at Enoshima as well).  We took the Enoshima Line back to Fujisawa from Hase Station.
Enoshima / Kamakura is only a little over an hour's train ride from our apartment but it felt like we went on a really long trip.  Strange.  But it was a great date!  We also have fun planning our next Sunday date.

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