Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Walk around Shibamata and Taishakuten (Part 1) / 柴又と帝釈天の散歩 (パート1)

I suppose it's about time to write a few posts that my mother will enjoy instead of music and food pieces.  Lately, the wife and I have been making Sunday our date day.  Last Sunday we decided to go to Shibamata, home to the popular movie series character, Tora-san.  It's also home to one of the most beautiful temples in Japan - Taishakuten.


Shibamata Station / 柴又駅
Tora-san / 虎さん
Date in Shibamata / 柴又のデート
Old style dagashiya (candy/amusement store).  There is a Toy Museum on the 2nd floor of this building as well but it is closed on Sundays.  We decided we would come back after making our little pilgrimage to Taishakuten and after having lunch.
Robot vending machine / ロボットの形の自動販売機
Path to Taishakuten / 帝釈天参道
Nitenmon / 二天門
Temple Bell / 大鐘楼
Taishaku-do / 帝釈堂
White snakes surrounding golden poo! (Uh, okay) / 白蛇と金のうんこ?
Chinese zodiac rat panel / 干支の鼠
And now for the gallery of the wood carvings on one of the temples.  I've actually introduced these before with explanations but this time around, just picture of the panels.  They're awesome no matter how many times I've seen them.


After checking out the wood carvings, we headed towards the building the also houses a beautiful garden.


 Do you see the turtle hiding in the shade of the tree?


 We relaxed with a cup of tea in the building across the way while enjoying the garden.



Lion Dance Sacred Lots / 獅子舞おみくじ
A decent fortune / 小吉だ!
Stay tuned for Part 2 featuring lunch and the dagashiya.

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