Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Walk around Kita-in Temple in Kawagoe (Part 2) / 喜多院の散歩in川越 (パート2)

Continuing our walk around Kita-in Temple in Kawagoe.


I love being a tourist!

This leads to an area of the Daimyo graves.



Another view of Kita-in Jikeido / 別の角度の喜多院 慈恵堂
Of course we must explore what's at the top of the steps.
Jigen-do / 慈眼堂
Snack time / スナックタイム
Then it's up these steps to Senba Toshogu in Kawagoe!

Shoro Gate / 鐘楼門

I was saving the one of the best parts of Kita-in Temple for last.  We almost missed checking it out too.  There is an area which features 500 Rakans (in Japanese, the word for an arhat in Buddhism, a saint or person who has attained Nirvana) from Wikipedia. Seeing all these Rakans in one place kind of reminds me of Nihon-ji in Chiba.  Simply beautiful.  Stunning.
喜多院の一番の見所が最後にしました。私たちも見逃すところでしたが、無事に見てました。喜多院の中にある場所が「五百羅漢」。 これは飽きないね。面白い。なんだか鋸山にある日本時を思い出す。
"I wonder what I should have for lunch today?"

"We made this ourselves, for $100 it could be yours!"
"It's Sunday, have another cup full".
"This hay fever is really killing me."

Kita-in Temple Seal, Kawagoe Daishi / 喜多院の御朱印 川越大師
I hope you enjoyed the tour of the Rakans.  And now it was off to the main part of Koedo Kawagoe and lunch!

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