Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Walk around Kita-in Temple in Kawagoe (Part 1) / 喜多院の散歩in川越 (パート1)

Continuing my posts of our Sunday day trips, a few weeks ago, the wife and I decided to spend the day in Kawagoe - home to Koedo (or Little Edo).  Currently, you can go to Kawagoe from Shibuya on one train line (no transfers)!  The first time we went to Kawagoe, we didn't stop at Kita-in Temple but I'm sure glad we did this time.  That place was beautiful. 


Welcome to Koedo Kawagoe.


Kawagoe Koedo One Day Free Bus Pass / 川越小江戸一日フリー乗車券
Sanmon Gate at Kita-in Temple / 喜多院の山門前
Entrance to Kita-in Temple / 喜多院の山門
Taishido / 太子堂
Tahoudo / 多宝堂
Kita-in Temple Jikeido / 喜多院 慈恵堂
Kunuki Jizou-son / 苦ぬき地蔵尊
Temizuya / 手水舎
Dragons / 龍
Stone lantern in the shade / 木陰に灯篭が
Daikokuten (one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Fortune) / 七福神の大黒天
One of the few buildings from Edo Castle that was moved to Kawagoe by the order of the Shogun.
There's so much to see here, I'm going to continue on another post.

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