Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Walk around Koedo Kawagoe (Part 1) / 小江戸川越の散歩 (パート1)

We spent quite a bit of time looking at the 500 Rakans at Kita-in Temple.  But now it was off to the main area of Koedo Kawagoe.  And it was also nearing lunch time.


Our bus stop is right across the street from another shrine - Hie Jinja.

バス亭の向かいに別の神社がありました ー 日枝神社。

I took a quick look but didn't stay around to collect another Temple Seal from this place.


The next few pictures will give you an idea of why this area is known as Koedo.

Aside from the cars passing by, the buildings reminds one of what it must of been like during the Edo era.


Kawagoe Festival Museum / 川越まつり会館
Koedo Yokocho / 小江戸横丁
Toki no Kane (Time Bell Tower) / 時の鐘
And now for lunch!  We decided to have some soba shop that specializes in cha soba called [Kotobukian].


Cha soba / 茶そば
Tempura plate / 天ぷらの盛り合わせ
 Gyodenji Temple / 行傳寺
Cute shop selling umbrellas.

Kitchen knife shop / 包丁の店
Yakushi Jinja / 薬師神社
Another look at the Time Bell Tower.

Snack time / スナックタイム
Coedo Beer and Ice Cream / 小江戸ビールとアイス

I am the eye of the spud! / 僕が芋の目になってる!
We were now walking from the kura-tsukuri area to a place my father would love - Kashita Yokocho which translates to Candy Alley in English (but he will have to wait for the next post).

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