Thursday, May 1, 2014

Azalea Festival at Nezu Jinja / 根津神社のつつじ祭り

As I was making my way to Nezu Jinja, I couldn't believe how crowded it was.  I have been to Nezu Jinja a couple of times before but this crowd seemed to be a little different.  It wasn't until I reached the shrine itself that I found out why it was so crowded.  It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and at Nezu Jinja was the Azalea Festival.  So before paying my respects, I decided to walk around the azalea garden.  Beautiful!


Lots of food booths out as well.  Too early for a summer festival.  I still wasn't sure why it was so crowded.


Nezu Jinja, Ro-mon / 根津神社にある楼門
And now, enjoy the Azalea Festival as I did.

 Did you notice the numerous torii in the background.


 At least the mystery of why it was so crowded was answered.



I hope you enjoyed the tour through the azalea garden.  And now to pay my respects at the shrine.
つつじ苑いかがだったでしょうか? さて根津神社にお参りお。

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