Sunday, May 4, 2014

Nha Viet Nam / ニャー ヴェトナム

My wife works only until 1pm on Fridays and last Friday I happened to have the day off.  So we decided to have lunch together.  We had 2,000yen coupon that could only be used at certain department stores so we decided to go to a restaurant where we could redeem them and headed out to Futakotamagawa.  We decided on a Vietnamese restaurant called [Nha Viet Nam].  We both ordered the same item - lunch time pho set which included a spring roll and dessert.
金曜日自分の妻は午後一時まで仕事。このあいだ、自分は休みだったので。一緒にランチすることになった。東京百貨店か高島屋で使えるクーポンを貰ったんで、そのクーポンを使ってランチに行くことにした。 マダムたちが集まる二子玉川に行きました。そこの高島屋でのランチ。最初は中々場所が決められなかったが、やっと決めたのは「ニャー ヴェトナム」。注文したのは日替わりのフォーセット。セットは生春巻とデザート付。

Pho / フォー
Spring roll / 生春巻
Dessert / デザート
The unfortunate thing about this restaurant is that they seemed to cater to the Japanese taste.  The pho was okay but there was no actual Southeast Asian condiments that you would find at other places - namphra, chili sauce, and sugar.  And look at the sauce with the spring roll.  Its miso!  Not chili sauce and not spicy miso but regular miso.  The small Asian Yatai Pho stand next to McDonald's in Sangenjaya tastes much better.  I don't think we will be going back here any time soon.

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