Monday, May 5, 2014

A Walk around Shoin Jinja / 松蔭神社の散歩

My wife and I have been to Shoin Jinja many times as it is near our apartment.  We've gone here a few times for hatsumode (first temple visit of the year).  But only recently have I been collecting temple seals and it only seemed appropriate that I should collect one from my local shrine.  Also, all the times we've gone here, we've never actually paid our respects to Yoshida Shoin, which the shrine is named after, and is where his tomb is located.


Shoin Jinja / 松蔭神社
Pictures of Shoin Jinja now and from a century ago.
Shoin Jinja Temizuya / 松蔭神社の手水舎
Path leading to the Shoin Jinja / 松蔭神社の参道
Statue of Shoin Yoshida / 吉田松蔭の銅像
Explanation of the Shokason Juku / 松下村塾
Prayer Board / 絵馬
Shoin Jinja / 松蔭神社

As it was nearing Golden Week, the shrine also had koinobori on display.


Fortunes / おみくじ

Koi nobori / 鯉のぼり
Entrance to the cemetery / 墓地の入口の鳥居
Shoin Yoshida's tomb / 松蔭先生墓
The above stone lamp and water basin were given to Master Shoin from the Tokugawa family (I read the reason but a little too difficult for me to translate into English.).

Tomb guide
Another statue of Master Shoin / 別の松蔭先生の銅像

I did not forget to get my temple seal.


As I was walking back home, I had to take a picture of this particular vehicle.  It seemed to be out of season as you usually find these during the winter months.



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