Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Taking Mom to [Toro Hako] / お母さんを「トロ函」に連れて行く

While my mother was in the States, she would read my blog (actually my father would faithfully read her my blog) while she looked at all the pictures I was posting.  One of my posts was about an izakaya that a friend of ours took us to in Ueno.  It was called [Toro Hako].  The menu was mostly seafood.  We didn't take her when she was in Japan with my father and sister and sister's husband just for the simple fact that my father is not a big fan of seafood.  I don't think he would have enjoyed the loud and merry atmosphere either.  But as Mom was on her own on this trip, one of her requests was to have dinner there.  So after spending the afternoon in Chofu at Jindaiji, we caught a bus back to Sangenjaya to meet up with my wife, and then we would head out to Ueno for dinner.


We found the restaurant without any problem; however, one of the staff members said it would be about a 50 minute wait for a table.  As we had no set plans for the following day, we said no problem.  Fortunately, we really did have that long a wait.  Maybe 20 to 30 minutes or so.  But hey, Mom was not going to miss this opportunity to eat here.


My mother was taking her time checking out the menu before deciding on what she wants to eat.


These women were serious about what they were ordering (even though I knew my wife would order the crab miso without doubt).


First, the otoshi.  This is mozuku (seaweed seasoned with vinegar).


The wife's first choice was this large portion of sea urchin.  Spoon some of the urchin on the nori, add a dash of wasabi, dip in soy sauce, and eat.  It may be an acquired taste but fresh sea urchin is actually pretty good.


Me?  I opted to order some snow crabs to grill at our table.

僕ですか? ズワイガニの炙りを注文。

Yes, a bit of luxury but what the hey!


Happy crab eater / 幸せに蟹食べたます
Mom in serious eating mode / お母さん食べるモード全開!
What's this?  Why, it looks like three large scallops on the grill, and a couple of fish as well.

これはなんだ? でっかい帆立じゃないか。そしてこまいも焼いてます。

You do know that you can eat the entire scallop don't you, not just the small tiny inner piece that you would find in most US restaurants.


The friendly staff will slice up the scallop for you as well.


Somehow, I always feel the need to order Hoppy when I'm at an izakaya.


Enjoying my dark Hoppy (and for you locals back home, you do realize I'm wearing a T-Town t-shirt?)

ホッピー飲むと気分が上々(そして、実家に居る皆様、僕が着てるTシャーツに気づきました?、はい、T タウンのTシャーツです)。

Mom is Japanese, she needs her rice so she ordered some yaki-onigiri.


This is not smelt, it is wachna or saffron cod.


We're at an izakaya that's known for its seafood, of course we had to order a sashimi platter.
What are those you ask?  Why, the are grilled sea urchin.  After having tasted them at the Furusato Festival a few months back at the Tokyo Dome, I have come to like this dish.
それはなに? ウニの炙りです。ちょっと前で東京ドームで開催したふるさと祭りに行ったときこれを食べたら、ファンになりました。

Mom also had to have her pickled vegetables as well.


Of course my wife did not forget to order her favorite dish, crab miso on the half shell.


Yes, we were quite full from dinner.  But my mother, the infernal ball of energy said we should go to Ueno Park to check out the cherry blossoms at night.  Who are we to refuse her request.


And so, instead of ending the evening by finishing our meal and going home, we went to Ueno Park to check out the cherry blossoms at night.  What a great day!

とういうことで夕飯を食べ終わったら、そのまま帰ることなく、上野公園で夜桜を堪能。 なんど良い日だ!

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