Monday, April 7, 2014

Another walk around Jindaiji with Mom (Part 2) / お母さんと深大寺の散歩 (パート2)

Now that we were full from lunch, it was time to check out the actual temple and surroundings.  And of course I had to get my goshuin from here as well.


As I've written about Jindaiji in the past, I am not going to be very detailed with the names of the building or gates.
Temple details
My mother said the last time she was at Jindaiji, it must have been 30 years ago.  She had come here with my sister who was about 10 or so at the time.  And before that, another 30 years ago.  So I told her she will have to come back in another 30 years again.  She would be over 100 by then. (^v^)

After making paying our respects at the hondo I went to get my goshuin.  At Jindaiji, you could choose from two different types but my mother said why not get both, so that's what I did.

I wish we knew about the goshuin sooner.  We could have one of our goshuin notes filled already.  Oh well, it just gives me a reason to go to all the temples and shrines again.

While Mom was taking a nature break I wandered around and found this Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro Food truck.

Truck selling yokai yaki  / 妖怪焼きを売ってる

Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro is a popular Japanese anime.  As the author, Shigeru Mizuki lived around here, a lot of scenes in the anime are modeled around the town of Chofu. 

On the temple grounds, there was a small area selling products from the Tohoku region to help rebuild the place after the big earthquake on 3-11 a few years ago.  I had to try at least one.


The Temple Bell / 神社の鐘
The building in the background is the soba shop where we ate lunch.
I love browsing around the souvenir shops here too.
And the cherry blossoms were in bloom as well.
I of course had to take Mom to the area where Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro and friends are the main theme.  I just love the entire area of Jindaiji
Kitaro Teahouse / 鬼太郎゙茶屋
After all the walking around we did, we decided to have dessert here.

Mom's dessert was a bowl of maccha and a medama oyaji manju.

I had myself a yokai parfait.
Medama Oyaji / 目玉おやじ
The Yokai Gang / 鬼太郎と仲間たち
New member of the gang? / 新し妖怪?
Mom in front of the yokai truck / 妖怪トラックの前に立つお母さん

We were not going to have the time to check out the botanical gardens as we were to meet my wife at 5:30 in Sangenjaya.  We were already running late as it was.  Once we meet up with my wife, we would be heading to Ueno for dinner.  On one of my food posts on my blog that my mother read, she made a note and said that she definitely wants to go there for dinner.  We didn't take her when she was here with the entire family because my father is not a big fan of seafood and I think the crowd might have been a bit too stressful for him.  Anyway, our next destination would be an izakaya called [Toro Hako].  Stay tuned.

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