Sunday, April 6, 2014

Another Walk around Jindaiji with Mom (Part 1) / お母さんと深大寺の散歩 (パート1)

My parents and my sister and her husband had recently visited Japan at the end of September last year.  So imagine my surprise when my mother said she would be coming back to Japan for another four weeks starting sometime in March.  But this time she would be coming to Japan on her own.  I would only be able to spend time with my mother on Saturday and Sunday.  I thought a great place to take my mother this time would be Jindaiji in Chofu.  Our plan would be to eat Jindaiji Soba, check out the temple, get my goshuin and if we still have time maybe check out the botanical garden nearby.


It was supposed to be a simple one way bus trip from Sangejaya to Chofu, and then another bus from Chofu to Jindaiji.  Unfortunately, for some reason we got on the bus that went to Denenchofu (a totally different place).  Because of my mistake, we added about an hour to our outing.  Fortunately, we finally did make it to Jindaiji and our first order of business was to have lunch and eat Jindaiji soba.  And I would of course have a Jindaiji Beer.


Mom and I waiting for the bus to go to Chofu (although we would get on the bus that would take us to Denen Chofu).

Jindaiji Aokiya / 深大寺 青木屋
Entrance to Aokiya / 青木屋の入口
We both ordered the lunch special - Jindaiji mori soba and Edomae tempura bowl.
ランチは今日の日替わり ー 深大寺もりそばと江戸前天丼。
Jindaiji mori soba / 深大寺もりそば

Tempura bowl / 江戸前天丼

And no, I did not forget my glass of Jindaiji Beer.
Mom enjoying her Jindaiji mori soba.
Mom very happy with her tempura bowl.
Next, we will check out the temple and temple grounds.

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