Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cherry Blossoms at Night in Ueno / 上野の夜桜

So after our hearty seafood meal at Toro Hako, we then decided to walk to Ueno Park to check out the cherry blossoms in bloom at night.  If we went a little earlier, most of the park would have been lit up but when we went, it was a little after 8:30pm.  Still, the cherry blossoms in bloom are beautiful.


Mother and Son / 母と息子
Yes, that's another shrine in the distance.


I think my Mom and I have a picture of standing in front of this statue when I was still in elementary school.


Takamori Saigo / 西郷隆盛
Look, panda! / 見て、パンダ!

And I collected yet another goshuin from Shimizu-do in Ueno.  It's one of my latest hobbies.



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Rurousha said...

Welcome in my neighbourhood! :) This year I didn't make it to Ueno Park. I'm sad and grumpy about that, so it was nice to visit by proxy via your blog!