Friday, April 11, 2014

Date 2 with Mom in Asakusa (Part 1) / 浅草でお母さんと二度目のデート (パート1)

Although my mother visited Japan last year at the end of September, she was back once again.  She spent most of her time in the Kansai area (where my relatives live) but had come to Tokyo for the weekend.  This would be her last weekend in Japan as she was scheduled to fly back to the States on Sunday.  So on our last free day together, Mom and I went out on a date.  We decided to go to Sensoji in Asakusa.  Mom timed her visit quite well as the cherry blossoms would be in full bloom.


But before we could head out to Asakusa, I had a doctor's appointment in the morning.  My mother decided to come with me and then we would leave after my regular check-up.


Cherry Blossoms in front of the Setagaya Police Station.  It's so pretty.


Here we are in front of the Kaminarimon.


My blogger friend Rurousha would definitely avoid this area like the plague with a crowd like this.  Its the busiest I've seen this place as well, but then again, I hardly ever come out here on Saturdays.


Mom just so happy to be in Japan again.


Quite a few people out and about today.


Sensoji / 浅草寺
Mom being the tourist in her native land.
Bonus picture for my blogger friend.  Not only does she get to see my Mom, but her favorite obsession is seen in the background.
Cherry blossoms around Sensoji / 浅草寺の周りにある桜の木
Yogodo Hall / 影向堂
I had another reason for going to the Yogodo Hall.  I went here to get my goshuin from Sensoji.

I went and got three here.

Hashimoto Yakushi-do / 橋本薬師堂
Grave of Mosui Toda / 戸田茂睡墓
Monument in memory of three Haiku masters / 三匠句碑
Time for lunch....

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