Saturday, April 12, 2014

Date 2 with Mom in Asakusa (Part 2) / 浅草でお母さんと二度目のデート (パート2)

It's lunch time in Asakusa.  We were going to eat light and then maybe have a real lunch in Tsukushima but you know how plans go.  Anyway, I decided to take my mother to one of those places were you can sit and eat and look outside at the same time.  We picked a place called [Okamoto].


Nothing like having a dark Hoppy with lunch.

Yakko / 冷奴
Chorizo / チョリソ
Chijimi (Korean soul food) / チヂミ
Yakitori / 焼き鳥
Mom and I have lunching at Okamoto in Asakusa.

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