Sunday, April 13, 2014

Date 2 with Mom in Asakusa (Part 3) / 浅草でお母さんと二度目のデート (パート3)

In Asakusa, my mother wanted to do something for a long time.  To ride on a rickshaw!  As this was in the middle of the cherry blossom season, the rickshaw tour offered a 30 minute cherry blossom course.  Although a little expensive (¥9,000 for 2 on a 30 minute course), there was no stopping my mother from making her dream come true.

浅草でお母さんがどうしてもやりたいことがあった。それは人力車に乗ること。丁度桜満開の時期だし、乗る事に決定。ちょっと高いが(30分コース、二人で¥9,000円).  ま、お母さんの願いは叶うしかないでしょう。

Mom and I on the start of our rickshaw tour.


Can you see the Tokyo Sky Tree?


Tokyo Sky Tree / 東京スカイツリー


Just married couple / 新婚さん

 People enjoying hanami at Asakusaka.


Mom and I on the rickshaw with cherry blossoms and the Tokyo Sky Tree in the background.


We could have extended our rickshaw tour to include the Yoshiwara District (the red light district during the Edo era) but we also wanted to go to the Hama Rikyu Gardens so we passed on the extension.


The Asahi Beer Building / 朝日ビールビル

Window cleaners / 窓ふき人たち
A bit crowded at the sea bus station as we were leaving Asakusa and headed towards the Hama Rikyu Gardens.

To be continued...


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