Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Date 2 with Mom in Asakusa (Part 4) / 浅草でお母さんと二度目のデート (パート4)

After checking out the cherry blossoms from a rickshaw, we had our drive drop us off at the sea bus terminal.  Our next destination - Hama Rikyu Gardens.


Azuma Bridge which connects Asakusa to Tokyo Sky Tree.  We are waiting for the sea bus to take us to the Hama Rikyu Gardes.


Sea bus / 水上バス

Yakatabune / 館船
Tokyo Sky Tree behind some other buildings.


 On the Sumida River / 隅田川の旅

Waiting for another sea bus to come out of the locks so we can get off at the Hama Rikyu Gardens.
Tokyo Sky Tree from inside the sea bus.
This is where I should be getting off the sea bus (hahaha).  The sign shows that this is the Shogun's landing.
僕はここで浜離宮に上がるはずだ(な~んちゃって)。 江戸時代で将軍の上がり場です。

Hinokuchiyama Hill / 樋の口山
Of course, our main reason for coming to the Hama Rikyu Gardens was to see more cherry blossoms.


This is not a cherry blossom but pretty nonetheless.


Aside from looking at the cherry blossoms, I wanted to take my mother to the tea house pictured above for tea and Japanese sweets.
Umete Otsutaibashi Bridge / 梅手お伝い橋
Ochin yama Hill / 御亭山

Nakanoshima Tea House / 中の島茶屋

Inside the tea house / 茶屋の中
Maccha / 抹茶
Seasonal Sweets / 季節の和菓子
Seasonal Sweets / 季節の和菓子


 Cute little cherry blossom trees in the distance.


Before we left on our date, I saw a short piece on television featuring the Hama Rikyu Garden.  Rapeseeds were in bloom and looked like a yellow carpet.  We had to check it out before heading back home.

Not quite the yellow carpet we saw on television.

The last few pictures are of the 300-year pine.
And so ended our date.  We would be having dinner at home for Mom's last night in Tokyo.  We decided to make kimchi nabe (although we were a little worried that it might be a little too spicy for Mom).  We would be seeing my Mom off to the airport tomorrow.

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