Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Walk around Naritasan / 成田山の散歩

After enjoying a date with my Mom on her last night in Japan, we saw her off to the airport the following day.  After having lunch and saying our good-byes, Mikako and I decided to go to Naritasan.  Although the weather was taking a turn for the worse, it looked like we would still be able to enjoy the surroundings.


First, lunch with Mom at the airport.


Mom enjoying her soba before heading back to Seattle.


On the way to Naritasan, the street is lined with the animals of the Chinese zodiac.  As I was born in the Year of the Rabbit, I had to take a picture.


No, Mikako was not born in the Year of the Snake but snakes are just cool.


Naritasan Yakushi-do / 成田山薬師堂
Statue of Takajo Mitsuhashi (haiku poet) / 三橋鷹女之像 (詩人)
This road continues to lead us to Naritasan.

I just love the atmosphere.

Showa style buildings / 昭和時代にタイムスリップ
I would love to stay at this ryokan (traditional Japanese Inn) if I had the chance.

Cherry Blossoms / 満開の桜
Soumon Gate / 総門
Niomon Gate / 仁王門
Niomon Gate / 仁王門
Dai Hondo / 大本堂

There are 44 bronze Buddha statues behind the Dai Hondo. 

Uh-oh, it might be a bit difficult to read / あっ、ちょっと読むのが難しいかも
I decided not to try to find all 44 (and it started raining!).
3 Story Pagoda / 三重塔
 Shokokutaishi-do / 聖徳太子堂
Issaikyou-do (All Buddhist Scriptures Hall) / 一切経堂
Shoro (Bell Tower) / 鐘楼
We would have liked to have spent more time here but the weather was getting even worse - not only rain, but thunder and lightning so we decided to cut our trip short here and head back home.

Naritasan Goshuin / 成田山の御朱印
You couldn't help but notice this guy standing in front of an Indian restaurant ready to serve some curry.
Here is Mikako's Chinese zodiac - the rat!  (But she says Mouse!)
実香子の干支発見。 鼠年生まれだ。
I also found Anpanman sitting on a bench outside one of the shops.
Baikinman was there too.
We'll just have to go back again on a nice day.
And although I'm fairly certain that my blogger friend has written a detailed post about Naritasan, I thought I would leave you all with the URL for the website in case you were interested.

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