Saturday, January 11, 2014

Family Visit to Tokyo Sky Tree / 家族で東京スカイツリー見物

One of the thing my father was looking forward to on his trip to Japan was to go to the top of the Tokyo Sky Tree.  So, as I took some time off from work, we made it a family outing.  But first, since my family didn't have reservations at their hotel for one day, I had to find a place for Mom and Dad.  My sister and her husband stayed in our tiny apartment.  My mother thought it would be simple just to find another hotel but asking me to look at the last minute made things rather difficult.  I finally found one place that was a little out of the way but the owner seemed like such a nice man over the phone, it was the place we chose.  A small hotel located a short walk away from Futagotamagawa Station.  So first, we had to go meet my parents in Futakotamagawa.


The guy on the left was the owner of the hotel that my parents stayed at for one day.


Very nice guy.


Me and my dad at Futagotamagawa Station.


With my sister and Tyrone.


I wasn't aware of the horns behind my head!


50 years of marriage and not embarrassed to hold hands in public.  I love my parents!!

結婚生活50年経っても、うちの両親は今でも恥ずかしがらない手をつないで電車に乗った。うちの両親大好き! やっぱ自分の理想の結婚生活だな。

Snack time before heading to Tokyo Sky Tree.


What?  Some of you noticed I was wearing a different shirt in the picture with my sister and Tyrone.  That's because that was taken as we were heading to a Japan Costco warehouse on another day.  Oops, wait a minute.  I think I was wearing the Sharkey's shirt when we went to Costco.


One of my father's "to do" list on this trip - Tokyo Sky Tree.

お父さん日本旅行で絶対行きたい所 ー 東京スカイツリー。

Mom and Dad at the top of the Tokyo Sky Tree (and my Dad suffers from a fear of heights!)

両親が東京スカイツリーの上 (お父さんが高所恐怖症なのに!)。

With the parents at Tokyo Sky Tree.


Yes, we are tourists! / はい、私たちは観光客です!
My sister not looking pleased with this photo, it is high stress traveling with your aging parents.

The next few pictures are taken from the top of the Tokyo Sky Tree.


 You can see the Tokyo Tower in the background.


 The area in green is where Sensoji Temple is in Asakusa.


 Sumida River / 隅田川

Ice cream at the Tokyo Sky Tree observation deck.


Looking down from the glass floor.


Yes, that's my father (the one with the fear of heights) standing on the glass bottomed floor.


My wife and I with my sister and her husband.


Touristy photo with my parents.


The family portrait (my favorite picture).


Where to next?


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