Monday, January 13, 2014

Family Visit - The Cup Noodle Museum with Sister and Brother-In-Law / 妹夫妻と一緒でカップミュージアム探索

While the family was visiting Japan, my mother and father decided to stay at their hotel for a relaxing day while I took my sister and her husband to Minatomirai to the Cup Noodle Museum.  But first, a few family portraits.


My father / お父さん
My mother / お母さん
My brother-in-law Tyrone / 義理の弟、タイローン
My sister / 妹
Minatomirai / みなとみらい
Landmark Tower in the background / 奥にあるのはランドマークタワー
My sister and Tyrone at the entrance of the Cup Noodles Museum.
Not so crowded on a weekday / 平日でそんなに込んでなかった
Sister and Tyrone with the creator of instant noodles / 妹夫妻とカップ麺の創業者
Standing in front of the replica building of where instant ramen was first made.
You can take part in making instant chicken noodles (reservations only).  We did not participate.
チキンラーメンを作れる教室 (予約性のみ)。私たちは参加してません。
But we did design our own cup noodles package and chose the ingredients for our own original noodles.
I never claimed to be a good artist.
We are putting the finishing touches on our original cup noodles.
My original cup noodles / 自分オリジナルカップ麺
The final product / オリジナルカップ麺作り完了

And now - time for lunch.  On the third floor is the Cup Noodles Museum food court.  What's great about this food court is that there are nine different shops serving noodles dishes from all over the world.  We tried eight of them.  We decided to skip the standard Italian pasta.  I've featured most of the dishes before when I went to the Cup Noodles Museum the first time by myself so forgive me if the info is repetetive.

オリジナル麺を作ったあとは昼食の時間。 カップヌードルミュージアムの3階にあるフードコートに行きました。このフードコートの特徴は世界中の麺料理を提供してます。8種類完食。イタリアの普通のパスタのみ食べませんでした。以前一人でカップヌードルミュージアムに行った時のネタも麺料理のことを書けましたが、ここでもう一回書きますのでご了承下さい。

Me and my sister at the entrance to the food court.


 Laghman from Kazakhstan / カザフスタンのラグマン

 Pho from Vietnam / ベトナムのフォー

 Reimen from South Korea / 韓国の冷麺

 Mi Goreng from Indonesia / インドネシアのミーゴレン

 Tom Yam Ramen from Thailand / タイのトムヤムラーメン

 Ranshu Nyuromen fro China / 中国の蘭州牛肉麺

Laksa from Malaysia / マレシアのラクサ

View from 3rd floor balcony of the Cup Noodles Museum.

After lunch, we headed to the Red Brick Warehouse just to look around.


And then it was back to the hotel to have dinner with my parents.


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