Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Family Visit - Sekai no Yama-chan and Hokkaido/ 家族と一緒 ー 世界の山ちゃんと居酒屋 北海道

My pictures with the family are all out of order so I will just post things as I find them.  That's what happens when you take pictures with your cell phone camera and digital camera.  Oh well.  After the Cup Noodles Museum, we didn't go back to the hotel to have dinner with the parents that night, we took my sister and Tyrone to one of our favorite restaurants - Sekai no Yama-chan.


My sister and Tyrone awaiting some spicy chicken wings.


Tyrone is so happy that he can smoke in a restaurant!


Spicy chicken wings from Sekai no Yama-chan / 世界の山ちゃんの幻の手羽先
On another evening, my mother was craving seafood.  I had to think of a place that wouldn't be too long of a walk for my father, a place that also serves other dishes besides seafood (my father is not a big fan of fishies and their ilk) and then I remembered the izakaya chain [Hokkaido] in Shibuya which is where we went.

Sea urchin and crab (you know my wife and mother were happy!)

うにと蟹 (お母さんと妻が大喜び!)

Hokkaido is also known for its lamb dish.


I think this was another Mom choice - squid noodles.

これもお母さんが注文したもの ー イカそうめん。

Seafood salad for all.


More meat dishes so my father wouldn't starve.


Looks like some grilled garlic with miso.  Maybe something I ordered.


And I love tomatoes.


Standard fare that everybody can eat - gyoza.

誰でも食べられる定番料理 ー 餃子。

Um, I don't know.  I just plain forgot.

えーと、なんだっけ? 忘れた。

A crab porridge type dish - yummy!

蟹雑炊 ー 最高やで!

On our way back to the bus station, we popped into a game center and my sister scored a bunch of chocolates.


My sister with her bag of goodies.


Lots of chocolate bars.


Family visit continues...


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