Monday, January 6, 2014

Sunday Champagne Brunch at the New Sanno Hotel in Hiroo / 広尾のニュー山王ホテル日曜日シャンパンブランチ

First of all, as promised - here is my father!  Along with my mother and aunt as well.


Today is Sunday Brunch time at my parents hotel.  Something not to be missed when they are here.  I try to go there on an empty stomach because everything is just so good!  Well heck, just take a look at what on offer.

今日は両親が泊まってるホテルのサンデイブランチに参加。腹を減らして行くべきこのバイキング。豪華すぎでつい食べ過ぎちゃう。 だって、料理を見て見て。

The salad bar / サラダいろいろ
Cheese and fruits / チーズと果物
Oysters / カキ
Shrimp / 海老
Yes, there is caviar on the menu
Salmon carpaccio & grilled salmon / サーモン
Various sushi / 寿司もいろいろ
Tilapia with mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese crust
Chicken Cacciatore / チキン・キャッチャートーレ
Pork medallions with mustard sauce / ポークのマスタード和え
Veggies / 野菜
Prime rib and ham / プライムリブとハム
Enchiladas / エンチラダ
What's brunch without sausages and bacon?
Clam chowder and my not yet finished chicken fajita
Complete / 完成
The sushi area / 寿司エリア
And finally - dessert / 〆はやっぱりデザート
I think I got full again just by posting these pictures!

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