Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Spain Festival [Fiesta Espana] 2013 in Yoyogi Park (Day 1) / スペイン フェスティバル 「フィエスタ・エスパーニア」 2013 in 代々木公園 (一日目)

This is the last post about food festivals (actually the second to the last) for this year as this was the final one but a first (I think) for Yoyogi Park as I enjoyed 2 days of the Spain Festival - [Fiesta Espana 2013].  I decided to check out the festival on Saturday myself before hanging out with friends on Sunday.  I wanted to take a peak to see what types of foods were on offer and wanted to see how crowded it was so I would have an idea of how early my friends and I should go on Sunday.

これは最後のフードフェスネタです(本当は最後の手前ですけど)だって、二日間代々木公園に行きました。今回の目当てはスペインフェスティバル 「フィエスタ・エスパーニア」2013が開催してました。土曜日はちょっと下見に行って前の会社の人と会った。様子をみて、日曜日は何時位に行けば良いかなと思った。

First a couple of pictures featuring autumn colors as I head towards the festival.


Checking to see how crowded it would be during the afternoon.


Checking out some of the wine booths as well.


Next, checking out the various booths and their menu.


Street musicians / ストリートミュージシャン
I suppose I could have read the pamphlet but I like exploring better.
The display is cool but now, time to eat something.
Gyoza is Spanish?  It is if the filling is made with Iberico pork!
餃子はスペイン料理? 中身がイベリコならそうでしょう!
Fresh Serrano ham with some olives.
I know chili beans isn't very Spanish either but have you ever tried finding some good chili in Tokyo.  And I noticed that the people running this particular booth were American so of course I had to have some.
Video clip of the above pictured musicians.
More entertainment featuring Spanish dancers (who were actually Peruvian!)
ステージでフラメンコ (本人たちはペル人だったけど!)
I was joined by a former co-worker (just to let you know those hands aren't mine) and we shared a bowl of something called sopa de pescado which was a seafood soup with shrimp and clams.  Very delicious.
元同僚が合流し、一緒にこの美味しいスープを食べました。オマールエビとアサリの業界のスープ。 温まる!
And since we are at the Spain Festival, we had to try at least one type of Spanish wine.  We tried something called txakoli (pronounced something like cha・ko・lee) from Basque country.
For dessert - some churros with some Spanish beers - I forget which ones though.
It was getting a little cold so we had one last snack before leaving.  But instead of Spanish fare, we enjoyed ourselves some takoyaki.
Tomorrow - day 2, more friends and more food!


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