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Spain Festival [Fiesta Espana] 2013 in Yoyogi Park (Day 2) / スペイン フェスティバル 「フィエスタ・エスパーニア」2013 in 代々木公園 (二日目)

This is the last food festival post of the year.  The second day at Yoyogi Park's Spain Festivl [Fiesta Espana] 2013.  After the previous day's reconnaissance mission, I decided it would be best to go early on Sunday and pick out a space where the rest of my friends can meet.  Along with one other friend, we headed towards the festival grounds at 9:30am.  We secured an excellent space and as it was still 10am, most of the food booths and very short lines or no lines at all (except for one booth serving paella), that particular booth already had a long line but we decided to get some paella at a different booth.


Since I already took pictures of most of the booths from the previous day, I'm going to feature the food straight away!  Starting with the Spanish specialty of paella.


Paella / パエリア
I immediately went to the steamed oyster booth for these morsels.
Another Spanish specialty - pintxo / こちらもスペイン代表の食べ物 ー ピンチョス
A nice large platter of Iberico pork / うわ、イベリコの生ハム - 最高!
This was really good too, especially for a cheese lover like me.  This is a three cheese risotto.
これもとっても美味しかった。チーズ好きの僕にはたまらない。 スリーチーズリゾットでした。
That doesn't look very Spanish you say?  That's because it is not.  While the Spanish Festival was being held in one area of the park, in another area, the Thai Loi Krathong Festival was going on in another area.  I discovered that this festival translates to "Floating Crown" or "Floating Decoration" and is celebrated by making buoyant decorations and floating them down a river to pay respects to the water spirits (although there is no river whatsoever floating nearby Yoyogi Park!)  By the way, this was tom yam ramen which Mikako had a craving for.
More Thai food with khao phat kraphao (I think).  Fried rice with chicken and basil.  That would be my friend's daughter eating the entire egg and asking not to tell on her.
Back to one of the Spanish food booths serving herb chicken and potatoes in a mustard sauce.
Dessert was a churros with a chocolate dipping sauce (much bigger churros then the one I had yesterday).
デザートはチュロスとチョコレートのディッピングソース (昨日のチュロスより大きい)。
Setting up early before the rest of our friends show up.
I missed the booth selling this soup dish yesterday so I don't know what was in it or what it was called except that it was delicious!
This was called a tortilla on the menu.  However, it was crumbly and dry with some taco meat.  It could have used a bit more seasoning if you ask me.
Spanish Omelettes / スペインオムレツ
Liver pate / レバパテ
Rino! / 莉乃ちゃん
It appears one of my friends was hungry for some Japanese fare as well and bought a chicken skewer.
And some chicken skins.


 A different booth selling Spanish omelettes.  The other one was better.
別の屋台のスペインオムレツ。 もう一つのほうがこれより美味しい。
What would a Spain Festival be without Spanish wine.  Today's choice was a bottle of Anoranza Sauvignon Blanc.
And more ham, I believe this was Serrano Ham.
Another friend went and picked up more Thai food.  The green curry on the right was nice and spicy.
Darn, I missed out on these but by the time this reached our area I was full.
Now this is how to enjoy a festival.
And more wine, except this wasn't Spanish but French! A C.C.D. Beaujolaise Village Nouveau.
そしてワインの追加。でもこれはスペイン産ではなく、フランス産でした!C.C.D. ボージョレ・ヴィラージュ・ヌーヴォー。
And so concludes the Food Festival series.  Next - the family visit in Japan!
これでフードフェスシリーズの幕が閉じる。 次 ー 家族が日本に来るー!

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