Thursday, December 12, 2013

Myanmar Festival 2013 / ミャンマーフェス 2013

Sorry I haven't updated my blog.  A friend of mine loaned me the entire four seasons of [Burn Notice] and I went on a marathon watching spree which made me neglect my blog, my books, and my habit of renting movies.  But now that I've finished watching the series, I can go back to my normal habits, starting with updating this blog.

ブログを更新せず申し訳ございません。友達が海外ドラマの「バーン・ノーティス 元スパイの逆襲」シーズン1から4一気に貸してくれた。それをずーと優先にしたら、ブログや本、映画などからちょっと休みました。番組を観終わったので、元の生活に戻ります。最初にやることはこのブログの更新ですね。

On a Sunday not too long ago, my wife, along with her sister and nephew went to the Seibu Dome to see Bigbang concert so I was free for the day and there just happened to be a Myanmar Festival going on - not at Yoyogi Park but at Zojoji Temple near the Tokyo Tower.


My sister feels that the Tokyo Tower is still better looking than the new Tokyo Sky Tree.  I think I may have to agree with her.


Another cultural property of Tokyo.  What makes this gate special are the Niou statues which are made of wood.

港区指定有形文化財 ー 木造仁王像。東京って良いね。

The older entrance gate to Zojoji Temple.


Map to the Myanmar Festival.

Yes, I know how I'm going to start off my day!


Drink first - then eat.

先飲んで ー そのあと、食べる!

Okay, the first dish of the day.  Something called chaza hingar - rice vermicelli with a chicken/pork based broth.


A dessert dish called takubyo - coconut tapioca dessert. Sweet and delicious.


Danbauk - Myanmar style chicken curry.

ダンバック ー ミャンマー風チキンカレー。

Kahkyin style grilled beef bento.


Stir-fried okra and other veggies.


This wasn't very Burmese but hey, it tasted pretty good.  A chicken burger.


Native of Myanmar in traditional dress.


Meeshay - I think we went a little heavy on the spice.

I couldn't find the Burmese name of this dish but its a stir-fried noodle dish and we went heavy on the spice again.


Hey, I think that's the tree that President Grant presented to Japan.  I featured it in a post a few years back.


The old and the new - Zojoji Temple and the Tokyo Tower.

オルドとニュー: 増上寺と東京タワー。

After enjoying the Myanmar Festival, my friends and I did a bit of walking but I will save that for another post.


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