Saturday, December 7, 2013

Kyushu Fair 2013 / 九州観光・物産フェア 2013

Yes, I know I've been neglecting updating my blog.  Nothing serious though.  A friend of mine loaned me all four seasons of [Burn Notice] and I've been watching them on my free time which means I haven't been reading or renting movies or updating my blog.  And you know what, I'm still not finished writing about all the food festivals I went to.


The week after the Hokkaido Festival was the Kyushu Festival.  Unfortunately for this festival, my sister and Tyrone had already left to go back home to the States.


My friend Nori and his two kids (the ones on the left - Shoei and Rinne).  That would be my other friend's daughter on the right - Rino.


Always great to get an early start.


Beautiful day for a food festival.


Started off with some sweet potatoes.


Oysters! / カキだ!
Tsumajidori Chanpon / 妻地鶏ちゃんぽん
Chicken Wings / 手羽先
Nori being a Dad / ノリのお父さんぷり
Our base for today's food festival / 本日のフェスのベース
Some baby castellas with a sweet potato / 焼き芋とベイビークステラ
Charcoal grilled chicken / 炭の鶏
A few more friends / 友達が段々増えてます
My friends daughters - Rinne and Rino / 友達の娘たち ー 凛音と莉乃
So cute / 可愛い
Back to the food - large meat skewer and other stuff.
料理に戻る - でっかい串焼きとその他。
Everybody's favorite - gyoza / みんなが大好きな餃子

Cheers with beers! / ビールで乾杯
Local Mascots / ゆるキャラ
Another staple of the Kyushu Fair is the Sasebo Burger.  I passed this time around.
九州フェア定番の一品 - 佐世保バーガー。 今年は食べてなかった。
That didn't stop my friend Testu from having one.

More minor characters / ゆるキャラが大勢に居た
Fried gnocchi (6 flavors)
This was pretty amazing.  Kyushu ramen which is mostly known for tonkotsu had a booth selling a shio ramen.
Praise be to ramen! / 太陽に向かっていただきます!
And another beer / そしてビールも一杯
Can you believe I still have a few more food festivals to write about?

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