Saturday, November 23, 2013

Vietnam Festival at Yoyogi Park 2013 / ベトナムフェス@代々木公園 2013

I did say the next few posts would be about the various festivals I went during the summer.  The next one I only went at night.  A friend had a one day layover in Tokyo and my wife and I decided to take him with us.  I believe this his third trip here (even if it was only for a day).  His first trip to Japan happen to coincide with the Thai Festival.  This time he would be in Tokyo right in time for the Vietnam Festival.


When we got to Yoyogi Park for the Vietnam Festival there was rumor that disgraced actress Nori Sakai (Nori-P) was on stage.  It turned out to be some unknown who was singing one of Nori-P's more popular songs.


You know what.  My cell phone camera takes much better night pictures. 


We ended up ordering the "Vietnam Set" which included the above.  I wasn't able to read the menu on the picture I took.  On the Vietnamese beer 333.


That looks like a Thai satay (chicken skewer with peanut sauce).


Stir fried noodles.


Yum, can't go wrong with chicken.


Vietnamese style shrimp gyoza / ベトナム風海老餃子

Vietnamese pho / ベトナムのフォ
We finally found a booth selling bahn mi / やっとバインミを売ってる屋台発見
Food festival posts will continue.

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