Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sri Lanka Festival @ Yoyogi Park 2013 / スリランカフェス@代々木公園 2013

Food festivals continue.  This year's Sri Lanka Festival was a little special though for the simple reason that my sister and her husband joined us.  Yes, they are in Japan along with my parents for a nice long three week vacation.  I will be doing separate posts of their visit in the near future.


Elephants are just as important in Sri Lanka as they are in India and Thailand.


The cuisine is similar to Indian, lots of curry but the difference between this festival and Namaste India is that this one is less crowded.


Those two touristy looking Americans on the very right of the picture look familiar.  Why, that would be my sister and her husband.


I think I see are first food snacks - samosas!

最初に食べるもの発見 ー サモサだ!

Samosa / サモサ
Curry is a staple food of Sri Lanka as well as India. Two types of curries - channa masala (chickpeas) and butter chicken with some naan.
スリランカもカレーは定番の料理です。 カレー2種類 ー バターチキンとチャナマサラ(ひよこ豆のカレー)とナン。
That guy with the camera is Tyrone who is taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.
カメラ持ってる男は僕の義理の弟 ー タイローン。
This dish was something called pork devil and rice.
Spare rib / スパアリブ

We didn't actually eat the noodle dish but it did look good.
But we did eat some meat on a skewer.
And a couple of more meat dishes before we took my sister and Tyrone to Ryogoku where they were going to see a sumo event.  We will see the tomorrow morning at the hotel they're staying at for Sunday Champagne Brunch.

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