Saturday, November 23, 2013

ASEAN Festival and Caribbean Latin American Street Festival 2013 / アセアンフェスとカリブ・ラテンアメリカストリートフェス 2013

In the middle of August was a double header at Yoyogi Park. The ASEAN Festival was held along side the Caribbean / Latin America Street Festival.  Which means food booths of both Asian cuisine and Caribbean Latin American cuisine.  The ASEAN Festival featured the countries of Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brunei.  And there was a stage schedule for various idol groups as well.  While the Caribbean Latin American Street Festival not only featured booths from Mexico, Haiti, Honduras, the Bahamas, Jamaica and more.


I went on a Saturday again which means I was on my own once again.  But instead of heading straight to the food booths, I decided to check out the idols on stage. 

また土曜日に行ったもんで、また一人でした。 食べ物の屋台を見に行く前にステージでアイドルが歌って踊ってるのを発見でそちに目が行った。

This group was called Negaigoto.


I see the flag of Cuba so this must be Caribbean Latin Aermica Street.


Ooh, a tacos stand - I think I know what I'm having for lunch today.


Steak tacos!! Yum!! / ステーキタコス!! 超旨い!!

What the?  Russia is part of ASEAN and they aren't located in the Caribbean or Latin America but for some reason there was a Russian food booth.  So I had myself a piroshki.


Then I went back to Caribbean / Latin American street because a Jamaican food booth caught my eye and I decided to treat myself to some jerk chicken.


Now that I was full, time to head back to the stage and check out the idols again.


Well, okay, maybe I took more than enough pictures of Negaigoto.


The idols are cute but what's more entertaining is watching the fans!


Idol fans are a cult in itself.


I stuck around and watched one other idol group after Negaigoto.


I think they were called Power Spot.


And since just prints can't show you the fans in action, of course I took a couple of video clips.


Dang, only one video clip was posted without any problem. 

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