Friday, November 22, 2013

Festival Brazil 2013 at Yoyogi Park / ブラジルフェスin代々木公園 2013

Alrighty, I figured its about time I write about all those food festivals I went to almost every week during the summer.  Some of them will include cameo appearances by my sister and brother-in-law who came to visit at the end of September and another friend who had a one day stay in Tokyo that coincided with one of the festivals.  The first one I went to was "Festival Brasil".  It was a spur of the moment decision so I went by myself on a Saturday.


The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Brazil is not soccer but MEAT!!  Especially their churasco.  Yes, I had already decided that I was going to have lunch here.


Ernie heaven / アーニー天国
I tried uploading my short video clip of people practicing capoeira (Brazilian martial arts combining dance and aerobics) but I keep getting an error message so you will just have to imagine on your own of what it entails.
Of course I had to drink a Brazilian beer.
The downside of going to a festival like this on your own is you really can't eat a variety of foods.  So after looking around at all the booths, I decided to have myself a churasco plate which includes the above meat, a grilled pineapple (not really my favorite), and sausage.
Chursasco Plate / シュラスコプレート
"Nanbei" means South America.  I know some of my friends will appreciate this (although it is questionable if they read my blog or not).
車好きの友達の為の一枚 (彼らが僕のブログを読んでるかとうかは別ですけどね)。

Brazilian Campaign Girls / ブラジル人キャンガル
Okay, just one more snack.  I bought myself something called pastel de carne which is something like a Russian piroshki or an Italian calzone (without the cheese and tomato sauce).

The picture on the menu makes it look like this is filled with more meat than the actual product.


What would a Brazilian Festival be without music?

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