Wednesday, November 20, 2013

KISS Limited Time Spicy Chili Tomato Hot Bun / キッス・サンカスコラボ商品 激辛チリトマトまん

I know this seems a little strange to feature food while labeling this as a music post.  But as you can see, this is a collaboration effort between KISS and local convenience store Sunkus.  As much as I despise contributing to the wealth of Gene Simmons (even though I am a KISS fan), I lost respect for him after reading his pathetic business book.  It was all about money, money, money, and how to make more.  Anyway, I won't go there.  As KISS was touring Japan recently, this product was available for a limited time.  And since I'm a sucker for the term "limited time" and I still like to listen to my old KISS albums and I love to snack, I just had to try the Spicy Chili Tomato Hot Bun.

ミュージックでラベルしたのに、食べ物を紹介するのは変かも知りません。だもサインを見れば、なぜかロックバンドのキッスが載ってる。そう、キッスがコンビニのサンクスでコラボ商品を出しました。 期間限定で「激辛シリトマトまん」を販売! あんまりキッスメンバーのジーン・シモンズの設けのために金払いたくないが、初期のごろのキッスは今でも好きだし、辛いものも好き、で言うのも恥かしいが”限定”という言葉に弱い。もちろん買いに行きました。

For KISS fans, how can you not love the wrapper.


The hot bun even has the KISS logo etched onto it.


When I first ate this, it wasn't as spicy as I had hoped it would be, even if it supposed to be filled with habanero sauce.  But when I tried this a second time - whew, it was pretty fiery!  And damn good!


The wrappers came in 5 different designs.  This is the Paul Stanley version.  I only bought this a couple of other times and they were the wrapper with all the members faces.


Bon Appetit!


Afterthought:  Although KISS was my very first concert, there Tokyo tour coincided with Loud Park 13 and I chose to that show over KISS.  The other dates were on the weekdays and its just not KISS without Ace Frehley and Peter Criss to me. 

考え事: 僕にとってキッスは特別。初めて行ったライブがキッスでした。でも東京ツアーの日付はラウドパーク13とかぶり、僕はラウドパークのほうに行きました。他の日は平日だったし、ピーター・クリスやエース・フレイリーのないキッスは僕とってキッスじゃない。

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