Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Autumn Colors in Tama Center (Part 2) / 多摩センターの紅葉 (パート2)

I'm still wandering around Tama Central Park and Tama Center.


Beautiful colors.  How can you not love autumn.


Look, its not only a home for ducks, I see me some turtles!


More art photos.  If I had more time, I wanted to just sit and read while soaking up some rays (even if it is November!).


Looking down on Parthenon Avenue.


In honor of a friend of mine, an old high school classmate who also happens to be a huge fan of Hello Kitty, I thought she would enjoy reading about Hello Kitty's world at Sanrio Puroland.


But before I reached Sanrio Puroland, I notice this piece of art in front of the Bennese Corporation.  I could confirm it but this looks like a piece by Taro Okamoto, the creator of the "Tower of the Sun" which was the symbol of Expo '70.


Logo of the Benesse Corporation.


The gingko trees at Tama Center are quite beautiful too.


It really is Hello Kitty's Town.


Getting closer to Sanrio Puroland.


And then I saw how much the entrance fee was.  3000yen for an adult.  I can't see an old geezer like me spend 3000yen just to write a blog post for an old high school friend, no matter how much she may love Hello Kitty.  Taking her there would be another story.  The wife told me she had checked this place out when she was in her 20s.  Anyway, it was time for me to head back to the nephew's place so we could all head back to Sangenjaya to meet up with my wife.

入場料を見たら、即却下! 大人一人はなんと3000円もするの。一人のオッサンがサンリオピューロランド行くのはおかしいでしょう。いくら高校の同級生が熱狂的なハローキティファンと言っても3000円払ったネタ作りはないな。時間も時間だったし。そろそろ涼君のアパートに戻って、3人で三軒茶屋に居る妻へ会えにいかなっきゃ。

The funky building that looks like a large train in the sky?  Its the monorail station.

あの電車みたの建物? 多摩センターモノレール駅。

And so ends another neighborhood walk.


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