Monday, November 18, 2013

Autumn Colors at Tama Center (Part 1) / 多摩センターの紅葉 (パート1)

This past weekend my sister-in-law Nana came to visit.  She and the wife and the nephew would be going to see Bigbang in concert at the Seibu Dome in Saitama.  Popular Korean pop artist in case you didn't know.  Although Nana would be staying at our place on Friday night, she said she would stay at her son's (Ryo) place on Saturday and Sunday.  And since she has not been to her son's apartment it was my duty to take her there on a Saturday morning while the wife was working.  Her son currently lives near Teikyou University which is out towards Tachikawa.  A good 20 to 30 minutes by monorail.  I figured once I take her to her son's place, maybe I will go to Takaosan or Showa Kinen Koen and check out the autumn colors.  However, we were to meet my wife in Sangenjaya at 5pm which means we had to leave Ryo's place around 3pm.  That doesn't give me enough time to go to Showa Kinen Koen (which is in Tachikawa) and that certainly doesn't give me anytime to go to Takaosan.  But only two stations away from Otsuka is Tama Center and I remember there being a large park along the side the huge shopping center and Sanrio Puroland - home of Hello Kitty.

この間の週末、自分の義理の妹、奈菜ちゃんが青森から東京に来ました。彼女と妻と妻の甥っ子が日曜日に西武ドームで韓国アーティストのビッグバンのライブ行く予定。金曜はうちに泊まりましたが、土日は自分の息子のアパートに泊まると言いました。奈菜ちゃんは自分息子のアパート行ったことないから僕宿命はちゃんと息子のところまで連れてあげないっと。住んでるのは大塚帝京大学の近く。ランチ一緒に食べたあと僕は近くの高尾山か立川の昭和記念公園で紅葉見に行こうかなと思った。しかし、妻と待ち合わせの時間と場所は5時で三軒茶屋。涼君のアパートから約一時間半。時間があんまりないな。立川も帝京大学の反対方面だし、高尾山は無理。ってことでハローキティにあえる街、多摩センターに行ってみました。 以前多摩センターに行った時、広い公園があったのを覚えてた。そこで探索することにした。

Tama Center, Hello Kitty's Town / 多摩センター、ハローキティにあえる街
Yep, its nearing that time of year / はい、この季節も近くなりました
Parthenon Avenue / パルテノン大通り
Mosaic art / モザイクアート
You see, I didn't have to go far to check out autumn colors.  I was quite happy to bask in their splendor at this large family park - Tama Central Park.

Trying to be artistic (or maybe just pretentious).


Duck house / アヒルの家

You know what I really love about some of these parks.  They contain bits of history I would have never known about.  This particular park holds a Tama City Cultural Property.  The Old Tomizawa House.  But for the life of me, I cannot remember where I left the brochures that gives information on the site.


Photos weren't allowed in the building but just take a look at the view around you.


Pictures aren't allowed inside but here is a sign showing the outline of the Tomizawa House.



I still had about an hour of exploring left so leaving the Tomizawa House I headed towards Hello Kitty's home - Sanrio Puroland.

まだ一時間位があったんで、旧富沢家住宅を去って、ハローキティの家 - サンリオピューロランド。

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Rurousha said...

I'm selfishly glad you couldn't go to Showa Kinen Park, because now I've been introduced to a park I didn't know. :) It's so true: wherever you walk in Tokyo, you stumble across a piece of history or an unexpected corner full of beauty.

PS: So I made you write it quickly? Heh. I'm a Woman Of Authority. :p