Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gunma Weekend Getaway (Part 9) Breakfast at Sekizenkan / 群馬小旅行 (パート9) 積善館の朝食

Woke up early in the morning so I could take a bath first before having breakfast.


The view from our room in the morning / 朝で部屋から見る景色

At least its not raining today / 今日雨は降ってません

As Sekizenkan is built on the side of a mountain, there are three different buildings and 3 different levels and to get to the new baths in the newest building from our room can be quite an adventure.  Let me take you on my morning walk from our room to the baths.

積善館は三つのビルで組み立てる為、本館 (うちが泊まってるところ)から新しいビルの大浴場は冒険の感じですよ。私と一緒に行ってみますか。

Leaving our room / 部屋から出る

Walk down to the end of the hall / 廊下の一番奥まで歩く

This small corridor leads to the second building / 窓から見える橋の廊下が次のビルを繋がる

Walking up the stairs to the second building / 階段を上って二つ目のビルに行く

You could always take a short rest here / ここで一旦休憩しても良い

Then you must walk down to the end of this hall and take an elevator to the next level / 次はこの廊下の奥まで歩いて、そこでエレベーターに乗って、上に行く

You must follow the signs which can help you get to the baths / 迷子にならない様、親切にサインも置いてある

Continue to walk down to the end of the hall / 続いて廊下の奥まで進む

At the end of the hall, you turn right / 廊下の奥に着いたら右へ進む

Pass the vending machine, turn left, and you are faced with another elevator and go up yet another level


Once we reach the newest building, yet again you must walk to the end of the corridor


Up a small set of stairs / 階段に上る

I can see my goal, that green banner way in the background / 目的がやっと見えた、あの緑ののれん

Goal! / 到着!

After enjoying my morning bath, I had to make the long walk back to our room before heading to the dining hall for breakfast.


Breakfast presentation / 積善館の朝食

Tofu and veggies simmering in a broth / 鍋に豆腐と野菜

This is not sashimi but konnyaku (a type of yam) / これは刺身ではありません、こんにゃくです

Grilled fish / 焼き魚

Salad / サラダ

Okayu (rice porridge) / お粥

Plum and seaweed sauce / 梅と海苔のソース

This was so delicious I had seconds / これが美味すぎておかわりしました

Breakfast wouldn't be complete without miso soup / 朝食に吹かせないのはやっぱり味噌汁

Chawanmushi (egg custard) also served / 茶碗蒸しもありました

After breakfast, we still had time before we had to check out so we went on a little morning stroll as well but I will save that for next time.


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