Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gunma Weekend Getaway (Part 10) Morning walk / 群馬小旅行 (パート10) 朝の散歩

After breakfast, we still had time for a morning walk around the neighborhood.


Getting ready for a walk / 朝散歩の準備完了

Sekizenkan in the morning / 朝の積善館

If only we could stay for another day or so / あ~、もう一泊出来たら良いな

Sekizenkan view from above / 上から見る積善館

No, we don't want to leave / や~、帰りたくない

Me and my wife / 僕と妻

Back at the tunnel that was used as a model for the movie "Spirited Away"


Our friend Reiko / 友達のれいちゃん

Timeslip zone? / タイムスリップゾーン?

Very Showa


Manju shop / まんじゅうの店

Shima Onsen Bus Stop


The small building alongside the river is not a public bathroom but a free and public bath house called [Kawara no Yu].


Good-bye Shima Onsen!!


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