Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gunma Weekend Getaway (Part 8) Dinner at Sekizenkan / 群馬小旅行 (パート8) 積善館の夕飯

What you all have been waiting for - dinner time at Sekizenkan!

みんな、お待ちかね - 積善館の夕飯!

This is tonight's menu.  The course starts from the left to the right.  As you can see, its a 13 course menu.  More like a tasting menu.  I will translate as best as I can but it will probably be a lot simpler if you just take a look at the dishes.  On second thought, I'm just going to present the pictures.


First, the overall presentation / 品を紹介する前に全体を見る


This is for the nabe / 鍋の食材
One pot dish ready to eat / 鍋完了
Roasting some miso / 味噌を焼いてる
No meal would be complete without rice, miso soup, and oshinko
We must have something to wash all that food down with and Sekizenkan happens to make their own craft beer.  Two types of ale so I had to try both of them.
Also tried a Ryujin Beer called Ozeno Yukidoke.  Not bad!
And since we were enjoying our weekend, I also indulged in a little Nihon-shu.
My father wouldn't forgive me if I left out the dessert.
My wife and I with our traveling companions.
Yes!  We are having a great time!!  / 超満喫してます!!


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