Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gunma Weekend Getaway (Part 7) Sekizenkan / 群馬小旅行 (パート7) 積善館

My wife and I are big fans of Studio Ghibli and one of my wife's favorite Ghibli film is "Spirited Away".  We told ourselves that one day we would stay at the inn that was partially used as a model for the movie.  That would be Sekizenkan at Shima Hot Springs!  It is the oldest existing hot spring hotel in Japan.  The main building where we would be staying was first established in 1691.  Yes, that's over 300 years!  Alas, our ultimate destination!


Sekizenkan - here we are!


Do you recognize the bridge from Studio Ghibli's "Spirited Away"?


Just beautiful - what more is there to say? / 素敵!言うこと無し

Of course we're staying in the oldest part of the inn!


Our room / 私たちの部屋

The view from our room / 部屋からの眺め

The first order of business once settled into the room - change into a yukata and have a beer, then check out the baths!


I'm in total relax mode now / リラックスモードに入ってます

Wandering around the inn / 旅館内に探索

Tunnel into the Spirit World below, the actual tunnel at the inn.


As taking pictures of the baths is frowned upon, you can check out here.


Although it was raining outside, we decided to take a stroll of our surroundings.


Beautiful at night as well / 夜も魅力あります

It started raining a little harder on our way back, but hey, there are baths waiting for us.


Before dinner, we treated ourselves to some wine as well.


You might not want to read about our dinner on an empty stomach - just giving you heads up now.

夕飯のネタは空腹で読めないほうが良いと思うよう - 忠告でした。


blukats said...

This looks so wonderful! I've always wanted to go stay at a hot springs one day and I think now this would be the place. Your post has sold me.

Tokyo Ern said...

Its well worth the visit. And the food is incredible!!

Rurousha said...

I think this is my favourite Ern post so far, and I'm including all your Sky Tree posts in that statement.

I didn't realize this movie was based on two hot springs. I knew about Dōgo Onsen, not about this one.

Ta for a very lekker read and great photos! ^^