Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Walk around Kichijoji and Gessoji Temple / 吉祥寺と月窓寺の散歩

Getting into the activities in the month of May - first a walk around Kichijoji on a fairly nice day.


Entrance to Sun Road Shotengai (Market Street) / サンロード商店街の入り口

I can't help it, I was a former bookseller and still love to read books.


Harmonica Yokocho / ハーモニカ横丁
It was around lunch time when we were walking along Harmonica Yokocho.  Looking for somewhere to eat, we pass right by a [Shutters].  Since we haven't been to one in a while it was a no brainer.  They have great ribs here and an awesome apple pie.

Ribs with different sauces (from left to right - wasabi, mustard, salt & pepper, and garlic)
ソースいろいろ (左から - わさび、マスタード、塩コショウ、とガーリック)

Apple Pie a la mode topped with maple syrup / アップルパイアイスとメープルシロップ乗せ

Dude seems to be a bit of an exhibitionist / ちょっと漏出すぎじゃないか?

Porno director? / アダルト映画の監督?
Gessoji Temple / 月窓寺
This temple is located along the Sun Road Shotengai.

Doesn't the serene look on his face make you feel at peace? / 可愛いね、その笑顔で癒される

Gessoji Kannon-do / 月窓寺観音堂
Genjo Sanzo Hoshi / 玄奘三蔵法師 (げんじょうさんじょうほうし)


Nio / 仁王
Most temples have statues of the Nio, guardians of the Buddha but Gessoji have their Nio Guardians on the panels of the gate.  Very cool though.

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