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Ozzfest Japan 2013 Day 1 / オズフェス ジャパン 2013年 (初日)

When the line-up for Loud Park 2012 was announced, I was a bit disappointed.  There weren't any old school metal bands that year so I decided not to go.  Just for the trivia minded, the featured line-up was Slayer, Helloween, In Flames, Sonata Artica, Buckcherry, Sebastian Bach, Hibria, Dragonforce, Halestorm, Circus Maximus, Christopher Amott, Children of Bodom, Dir en Grey, Cryptopsy, 1349, Outrage, and Naglfar.  As you can see, mostly power metal and melodic death metal bands.  I've seen Slayer at Ozzfest 1999.  I've seen Helloween, Sonata, Sebastian (when he was still fronting Skid Row), and Halestorm (they were on Loud Park's 2010 line-up).  But then, a different announcement was made - Ozzfest Japan 2013 and the original members of Black Sabbath (minus their drummer) were to the headliners!  It was a no brainer - of course I was going to go.  I didn't even care who was going to headline the first day and so made plans to buy tickets for both days.

ヒブリア、ドラゴンフォース、ヘイルストーム、サーカス・マクシマス, クリストファー・アーモット, チルドレン・オブ・ボドム、ディル・アン・グレイ、クリプトプシー、1349、アウトレイジ、とナグルファー。見手の通り、パワーメタルかデス系。 スレイヤーはオズフェス1999に見た、ソナタも見た、セバスチャンはスキッド・ロウ時代で見た。ヘイルストームはラウドパーク2010に見た。だから今回は別に行かなくって良いかなと思いました。でもその直後に別のハードロック・メタルフェスの発表がありました。なんと日本初でオズフェスが開催する!それにブラック・サバスのオリジナルメンバーがヘッドライナー(残念ながら、ドラマーのビル・ワードは不参加)。でもオジとトニー・アイオミとギーザー・バットラー、行くしかないでしょう!迷わずに二日間も参戦することにした。他出るのは誰だっていい、またあのメンバーのサバスさえ見れば幸せ!

The show was to take place at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture.  Two solid days of hard rock and heavy metal (and a bunch of Japanese bands as well).  Saturday and Sunday on May 11 and 12.  My wife was not interested in joining me so I would be on my own for two days.  But seeing how the concert hall is located so far away, I had arranged to stay at my friend's apartment who lives in Chiba and not too far from Makuhari.  I would meet my wife after the show as well.  The doors open at 10am for the show and I didn't want to miss the opening acts. 


And now for the bands.  I have provided their set lists best I could after my short reviews of their performance (even though there are some I didn't see or only partially watched).  The set lists will all be in English (unless the songs have Japanese titles)


The first opening act!  Japanese band called Knock Out Monkey.  There are two stages set up side by side - The Black Stage and the Purple Stage.  KOM started today's festivities from the Purple Stage.  A 4 piece rock band from Kobe.  Their music was interesting.  Influenced by a bit of everything.  Entertaining.  I unfortunately could not find a set list for this group from their Ozzfest performance.



Another Japanese band.  Apparently their band name Artema is an acronym for "Art Exist of Music Apes".  Looks like one of those weird English blurbs printed on random packages.  Metalcore is not my thing so I couldn't get into this band that much.


  1. Unlimited Breaker
  3. Dancing Field
  4. Divine Judgement

The third act was yet another Japanese band.  I guess Sharon Osbourne wanted Ozzfest Japan to be as different as can be from Loud Park (and they do seem to support the Japanese music scene by featuring many Japanese artists as possible).  Thrash band with some hardcore influence? I don't mind listening to this kind of music, but I don't think I will go out of my way to look for their cds.


  1. Monolith
  2. jagerbomb
  3. Quasar
  4. Omen
  5. Photosphere
  6. Leviathan

The first foreign act of the day.  The Treatment from the UK.  These guys may be young (their average age is around 18) but they rock.  Their influences are Zeppelin, AC/DC, and mostly classic rock.  Stuff I group up with.  I may have to look for their cd.


  1. Drink, Fuck, Fight
  2. Don’t Look Down
  3. Emergency
  4. I Bleed Rock N Roll
  5. Get the Party On
  6. The Doctor
  7. Shake the Mountain

No, not Hunter S. Thompson but yet another Japanese group (and why this chose this name remains a mystery).  Are they fans of Hunter Thompson?  Were they influenced by the movie that starred Johnny Depp?  I know not.  The problem with these Japanese artists is trying to figure out just exactly what kind of music they want to play.  Currently very popular in Japan.  They weren't bad.


  1. Scream Hard as You Can
  2. Hey Girl!! Why Not Party Like a Bitch!?
  3. Stray in Chaos
  4. Love at First Sight
  5. Crossover
  6. Twilight

Akihiro Namba was a former member of Japanese punk band Hi-Standard (which I think I've seen when they played on the Van's Warped Tour so so long ago).  I decided to have lunch during their set so I have no idea what they sound like.


  1. Eternal Gold
  2. Wake Up
  3. 不明
  4. 不明
  5. 不明
  6. One More Time
  7. Stay Gold
  8. 未来へ ~It’s Your Future~

Classic Japanese heavy metal.  If you listened to Loudness, Anthem or Earthshaker in the '80s then you will love this.  Unfortunately, their set was extremely short.  They only played three songs.  I have a couple of their cds, so thumbs up.  Wish they played a bit longer.


  1. The Promised Flag
  2. My Last Farewell
  3. Angel of Salvation

Another popular and interesting Japanese group, perhaps the world's only werewolf band!  Yes, they play their tunes dressed as they are in the picture.  I was actually looking forward to seeing them.  They were cool but I think you would have to see them for yourself to decide if you like their music or not. SID from Slipknot guest DJed on one tune.


  1. Get Off of My Way
  4. Smells Like a Teen Spirit
  6. distance (with SID from Slipknot)
  7. Emotions

I bought their first album and have seen them perform at the Van's Warped Tour in Seattle many many years ago but I have no idea how many albums they released after that.  Chino still fronting the band.  They still have a large fan base but I went wandering around seeing if I might find a friend or two to hang out with.  I went in search of some food as well since it was now dinner time.  Lots of food booths to choose from.

デビューCD買った覚えはある。昔昔シアトルで開催されたVan's Warpedツアーも見た覚えもある。でもその後の彼らの活動はまったく知りません。ファンはまだたくさんいるのを再確認したが、丁度夕飯の時間だったので、会場内にぶらぶら歩き回った。もしかして友達が知り合いに会うかなと思って、もちろん食べ物も探しに行った。屋台がいっぱいあって、ステージ外でも楽しめる雰囲気。

  1. Rocket Skates
  2. Diamond Eyes
  3. My Own Summer (Shove It)
  4. Tempest
  5. Rosemary
  6. Change (In the House of Flies)
  7. Digital Bath
  8. Poltergeist
  9. Swerve City
  10. Engine No.9
  11. 7 Words

When the line-up was announced for Ozzfest Japan, many rock and metal fans were disappointed.  Especially for the first day.  Originally it was almost all Japanese bands with headliners Slipknot (which seemed kind of meh as well).  I had no idea what the line-up was going to be like but decided I would go both days no matter what.  After all, it was Japan's first ever Ozzfest.  Sales being what they were (pretty low compared to the 2nd day with Sabbath), the promoters came up with a brilliant idea.  They managed to get one of Japan's most popular and original idol groups to perform on the first day.  That would be none other than Momoiro Clover Z!  Although their set was short as well (for their own show they do about a 3 hour set!) but they knew they were not exactly the kind of group to be on this bill but metal fans welcomed them and enjoyed their show.  Even their self-introduction.  It probably helps that some of their songs were written by the guitarist from Ningen Isu who also was on the stage with them for at least songs.
オズフェスの第一弾の発表で結構ロックやメタルファンが正直ガッカリしてましたよ。日本のアーティストばっかりで、初日のヘッドライナーがスリップノットだし(もっと有名なバンドあるだろうという声もありました)。そしたら、プロモーターが天才的な作戦をとった。なんとあの人気のトップアイドルたち、”週末のヒロイン” ももいろクローバZを追加でオズフェス参加決定!ジャンルがまったく違うのに、彼女たちのおかげで初日の売り上げも上がりました。出番の時もメタルファンも温かく見守ってくれました。彼女たちの可愛い自己紹介もウケた!セットは短かすぎ、でも楽しい。人間椅子のギタリストは結構ももくろに局を提供してるので、ゲストでもでました。最高の短いステージでした。
  1. Overture
  2.  ピンキージョンズ
  3. 行くぜっ!怪盗少女
  4. 黒い週末 w/ Narasaki from 人間椅子
  5. 労働国講歌 w/ Narasaki from 人間椅子
  6. 猛烈宇宙交響曲・第七楽章「無限の愛」  w/ Narasaki from 人間椅子

This was another Japanese band I was looking forward to seeing.  One of their tunes was used for a gum commercial and I liked the sound of it.  What surprised me was their drummer.  One powerful woman!!


Maximum the Hormone's drummer and vocalist!

  1. What’s up, people?!
  2. [F]
  3. maximum the hormone
  4. ぷっ生き返す
  5. 爪爪爪
  6. ツミ
  7. 恋のメガラバ

Yep, that would be Slash from Guns N Roses.  I'm not too familiar with his solo works but he did play at least 3 or 4 GNR tunes.  His encore was "Paradise City".  Vocalist was pretty decent too!

そう、元ガンズのスラシュだ! ソロ曲はあんまり知らないけど、ガンズの曲も何曲もやってくれました。アンコルはガンズの定番ヒット”パラダイス・シティ”。 ボカリストもカッコよかった。

  1. Halo
  2. Nightrain
  3. Ghost
  4. Back from Cali
  5. My Michelle
  6. Serial Killer
  7. Nothing to Say
  8. Doctor Alibi
  9. You’re Crazy
  10. Rocket Queen
  11. Anastasia
  12. You’re a Lie
  13. Slither
  14. Paradise City
First day's headliners - Slipknot.  Even though I have their first cd, the only song I was familiar with was "Spit It Out".  I remember when these guys first came out, they played the second stage at the first Ozzfest I went and saw back in 1999, which also featured the original members of Black Sabbath as the main headliners.  My friend and I decided to check out their set and thought, WTH, what are these guys.  But they were good at getting the crowd to rock and we thought they gave a great performance.  It was totally original.  Of course I stayed until the very end of their set. 
初日のヘッドライナーはスリップノット! デビューCDは持ってますが、その後の作品は買ってない。セットで知って曲は一つだけだった。〝スピット・イット・アウト”。スリップノット最初に見た時も思い出す。それはアメリカの1999年のオズフェス。あの当時もヘッドライナーもオリジナルメンバー(ドラマーも含む)のブラック・サバスでした。セカンドステージで結構早い時間にでて、友達の見に行って、〝なんだ、こいつら”と最初に思った。ライブ見てるうちに段々はまって、なんか良いなと音楽に乗っちゃいました。彼らも凄い盛り上がり上手だった印象も残ってる。オリジナリティありも思った。もちろんセットは最後まで見届けた!

  1. Disasterpiece
  2. Liberate
  3. Wait and Bleed
  4. Get This
  5. Before I Forget
  6. Eyeless
  7. The Blister Exists
  8. Dead Memories
  9. Sulphur
  10. Left Behind
  11. Gently
  12. Pulse of the Maggots
  13. Everything Ends
  14. The Heretic Anthem
  15. Psychosocial
  16. Duality
  17. Spit It Out
  18. 742617000027
  19. (sic)
  20. People = Shit
  21. Surfacing

What a great first day.  I didn't even mind all the Japanese artists that were on today's line-up and was looking forward to tomorrow's show, and especially Black Sabbath!  But now that the show was over, it was time to meet up with my wife and friend and have a few drinks and nibble on some grub before heading over to our friend's place so I wouldn't have to make the long trip back into Tokyo.  Alas, I didn't meet any friends until the very last minute as I was about to head for the train station.  I once again met up with a former co-worker, the person who first invited me to Rock Bar Dokken.  She came alone as well so we planned on watching tomorrow's performance together.

最高の初日でした。 日本のアーティストも結構楽しめた。明日のラインアップも凄い楽しみ。僕のメインの目当てはもちろんブラック・サバス。 ライブが終了になったので、友達のアパートの近くの居酒屋に妻と友達と合流する。軽く飲んで、軽く食べて、友達のところに一泊して、明日はまた朝から激しい音楽を聴く!! 東京に戻らなくって楽楽!友達一人会えなかったと思ったら、帰りまぎわ、なんと昔昔の元同僚とばったり会った。彼女こそが僕の日本生活を楽しくしてくれました。その子の誘いでロックバー「ドッケン」に行った。彼女も一人で来たんで、明日も行く予定ってことで、明日は一緒に見るこになった。

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