Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tokyo Tour Guide / 東京案内

The day after the Loaded concert, I met up with John so we could do the beginner's tour of Tokyo.  We met around noon in Shibuya so the first thing to do was was go grab some lunch.  And what better place than Japan to go out for some sushi?  That's exactly what we did.  The place I had in mind seemed to have changed owners and had a new name - [Genki Sushi].


So, here is a bit of what we had!


Check this out - a sushi place I can take my Dad to (as there is chicken on the menu!)  Dad not a big fan of raw fish!  Oh, and desserts as well.

これもみて。 寿司屋なのに、自分のお父さんが連れてあげられる(自分のお父さん、寿司は苦手)。でもこの店のメニューに鶏肉とかある。甘いものもあり。

Any first time visitor to Tokyo must go to Sensoji in Asakusa so that is precisely where we went.


At Sensoji / 浅草寺

A peak at the Tokyo Sky Tree and the Sumida River.


But it was such a nice day that instead of continuing on to Tokyo Tower or the Imperial Palace, we decided to have a couple of beers at one of the outdoor stalls that lined one area.


Here we are enjoying drinks (I had to introduce Paul to Japanese alcoholic drink - Hoppy) and talking to our new friends Tetsu and Miyuki.


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