Friday, May 10, 2013

Tsukemen [Nakamura] / つけ麺 「なかむら」

I know I've been neglecting my blog but I do have a lot of future posts just waiting to be written.  To tide you over, let me introduce another ramen shop I discovered in Shibuya.  I was meeting Paul (the guy who invited me to the Loaded show) at night as he was meeting another friend who runs a bar nearby.  Before heading to the bar we decided to grab a bite to eat and this ramen shop, [Tsukemen Nakamura] was located close by.

ちょっと自分のブログをさぼってましたが、これから書くネタが段々貯まっております。長いネタ書く前に、ラーメン屋ネタでお許し下さい。ローデッデのライブを招待してくらた人とまた夜に会う約束して。彼が渋谷でバーをやってる友達も居て、そのバーに行く前に、二人で軽く食事をした。そのバーに近くに「つけ麺 なかむら」というラーメン屋を発見、ここに行ってきました。

Tsukemen translates to a "dipping broth" ramen.  This style of ramen has become quite popular the past few years and as you can see by the picture above, the ramen noodles are in a separate bowl.  You dip the ramen into the broth.  The broth has a spicy miso base.  Quite delicious.


The broth / つけ麺のスープ

The ramen noodles were the thick kind / 麺は結構太いほうです

Once you finished the noodles, you can add a bit of what's in this to your soup and just enjoy the broth as well.  Most soba shops do this but I found it unusual for a ramen shop.


Bon Appetit!


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