Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pizza and Cafe [Napoli's] / ピッツァ アンド カフェ 「ナポリーズ」

I couldn't decide what to label this post.  This is not exactly an Italian restaurant but its also not like the fast food pizza place like [Sbarro's].  But it is kind of like a McDonald's except their menu consists of pizzas instead of burgers.  Anyway, this place opened a year or two ago and is really close to my place of employ in Shibuya but this was my first time checking it out.  The pizzas are really cheap too, only 350yen for a Margherita.  Or you could choose the set route, only 650yen and includes a drink and side order of fries.  I decided to go the set route and order me their Diavola pizza (which is a spicy salami pizza).

この店どういうレーベルを付けるかに困った。完全なイタリア料理店ではない。ピッツァのファストフードみたいな感じ。そりにしても、値段も安い。量も結構ある。 一年か二年程前に渋谷神南に出来た。前も気になってたが、この間やっと行ってみた。ピッツァのみなら350円から。セットなら650円。セットはドリンクとポテトフライ付。自分もセットを注文し、選んだピッツァはディアボラ(ピリ辛サラミのピッツァ)。

Nice thin crust pizza.  While I was here, some Japanese guy who just returned to Japan after spending many years started talking to me and we had an interesting conversation about music while eating pizza.  Not a bad way to spend time.


Bon Appetit!


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