Thursday, March 28, 2013

Shinshunkai 2013 / 新春会 2013

In Japan, at the end of the year we have a bounenkai (end of the year party), then in January, to celebrate the new year, we have a shinenkai.  Well, this year our shinenkai was a little late, in fact it was already March, which is why this post is titled Shinshunkai.  As usual, we held it at our friend's restaurant [Utou] which is located in Ushigome Kagurazaka.  Its always a pleasure to hang out with friends while eating great food and having drinks as well.  Check out this year's menu.

日本の年末は忘年会がある。そして、新しい年になるとまた新年会が開くことは多い。今年はちょっと遅れた新年会の為(もう3月になったし)、友達が新春会を開いた。毎年恒例の会は牛込化倉坂にある友達の店「善知鳥」で開催した。 やっぱり仲間と美味しいもの食べて、酒を飲んで、騒いで楽しい! さて今年のメニュー見てみましょう。

We started off with these three dishes:


Sorry if I can't explain all the dishes in English, but as you can see, very healthy for your body!


On the very right is the Mama-san who ran the Oden foodstall in Shibuya for years.  From the left are my friends Yuko33 and Hama-chan.


Flavored egg-roll / ダシ巻たまご

Salted rockfish / カサゴの塩焼き

Are you getting hungry yet?


Tempura / 天ぷら

This is our friend (Mikako has known him since elementary school) - Ken, the owner and chef of the restaurant.


Group photo / 今年集めたメンバー

Yes, we've had a bit to drink.


And lastly, a short video clip of the event.


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