Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Great Burger / ザ・グレート・バーガー

A few days ago, my sister posted a picture on the wall of my Facebook page.  It was large burger her husband made and it looked really delicious.  In the evening as I was on Facebook (again), a thread started with friends and it was all about burgers.  So I promised myself that on my next day off I am definitely going out for a burger.  I had been wanting to check out [The Great Burger] in Harajuku for a while now.  The last time I went, there was at least a 30 minute wait to get inside so I went elsewhere.  And even though there is a line outside the shop in the picture above, when I went, there was no line and since I was by myself I didn't mind sitting at the counter.


I know what you're all thinking.  Its Ern.  He's trying out a new burger place.  I bet he orders their avocado burger if they have it on the menu.  Tsk tsk tsk.  In most cases you would be right but I have a weakness for the phrase "available for a limited time only".  [The Great Burger] features a monthly burger and this month's special was a "hickory asparagus cheeseburger".  Your burger is served with fries, however you can choose between shoestring fries or thick wedges.  I went for the shoestring.  I also splurged a little by having a Hitachino Nest White Beer (one of Japan's best craft beers which has won many awards).


It looks really large but is a decent size.  The meat is so juicy and the bread so tender.  The asparagus adds a crunch to your meal.  Very popular with the American crowd.

大きく見えるでしょう、肉もジュシーで美味しい。またアスパラの歯ごたえがなんとも言えない。バンズも凄く柔らかいです。 アメリカ人も多かった。(ま、自分もアメリカ人ですけど、それはなにか?)

A look inside the burger.


Bon Appetit!



Rurousha said...

Hickory asparagus cheeseburger?

Oh, drool! I think perchance I have to go stand in that line, too ...

Tokyo Ern said...

There other burgers looked just as delicious!