Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Walk around Eifukucho (Part 1) / 永福町の散歩 (パート1)

I was going to do a special neighborhood walk post for my mother so hopped on the train and got off at Meidaimae Station.  My mother had told me she used to live here back when she worked at the Bank of Tokyo.  Unfortunately, there was really nothing interesting to see around the station and I found that most of my walk was around the neighborhood of Eifukucho instead.  Sorry Mom, I will go explore Meidaimae again some other time.


And since there was nothing of interest to see around the station, I walked across a pedestrian overpass towards Meiji University.


And this is what I saw...


It may not be as big as the cemetery in Yanaka, but it was huge nonetheless.


I decided to walk a bit along this river.


I decided to take a picture of both views of the river by standing in the middle of this - the Himawari Bridge.


I finally came upon a sign to tell me what river this was - it is the Kanda River.

歩いたら、やっとこれはなんの川が分かりました ‐ 神田川でした。

Kanda River caretaker?


Lots of koi (carp) in the river / 川の中に鯉がいっぱいいました

Not sure what kind of bird this was, but I liked the picture with its reflection in the water.


Bird under the bridge / 橋の下の鳥

Used the zoom for a close-up but the pic didn't come out that great.


Temple not far from the river / 川の近くにあったお寺

Trying out the watercolor image feature on my camera.


Also came upon an animal menagerie at the Tamagawa Josui Park.


Anyone missing luggage from a recent trip?


Walk will continue...


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