Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Naranja / ナランハ

The other week as I was trying to decide what to have for lunch, I thought I would go to my neighborhood burger joint called "Baker Bounce".  But since there was line and I wasn't in the mood for waiting I decided to see what else there might be.  Then I came across this building.  As I took a closer look, I discovered it to be a Spanish restaurant called [Naranja]. The lunch prices looked reasonable so I thought I would check it out.

ちょっと前の休日外食でどこ食べようかなと悩んでた。近所にあるバーガー屋「Baker Bounce」に決定した。でも店に行ったら行列が出来てた。その日並ぶのもやだったし、待つのやだったので、別の店探すことにした。そしたらBaker Bounceの近くにこの建物を発見。調べてみらたら、なんとうちの近所にスペイン料理店が出来た。店の名前は「ナランハ」。ランチメニューの価格もリーズナブルで昼食はここに決定。

Nice relaxing atmosphere.


It also looks like a great place for drinking at night (or noon but I decided to skip having any beer or spirits this particular day).  They have a nice choice of Spanish beers.

夜で酒飲んだら気持ち良いだろうなと思いつつ(昼も飲んでも良いけど今日はお酒タ飲みませんでした。) スペインビールいろいろあって、また今度行ったらいただいちゃおうかな。

The lunch menu only offers four choices - beef, fish, or tapas (you can choose 3 tapas items from 6).  The fourth dish - paella, you have to order in advance as it takes about 40 minutes to prepare.  The choices for the tapas today was Spanish omelette, marinated mushrooms, vegetables in a tomato sauce, fois gras and chicken terrine, salmon marinade, and an Iberico pork rillette.  I ordered the tapas lunch and chose the Spanish omelette, vegetables in a tomato sauce, and the Iberico pork rillette.  The lunch set includes soup,salad and bread and also your choice of a drink.


My tapas lunch / 僕のタパスランチ

The veggies in a tomato-based sauce / 野菜のトマト煮込み

Spanish omelette / スペインオムレツ

Iberico pork rillette / イベロコ豚のリエット

The soup and bread (salad is on the plate with the items from the tapas menu) / スープとパン (サラダはタパスと同じプレートに)

A couple of weeks later, I decided to have lunch here again.  I ordered the tapas again but this time I chose the salmon marinade, the fois gras and pork terrine, and the broccoli anchovy marinade.


Tapas lunch (again!) / タパスランチ (2回目)

Salmon marinade / サーモンマリネ

Anchovy broccoli marinade / アンチョビ・ブロッコーリマリネ

Fois-gras and pork terrine / フォアグラと豚のテリーヌ

Bon Appetit!


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